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BikeToledo is a non-affiliated web site for the Northwest Ohio biking community.  Our goal is to make Northwest Ohio more bike friendly. We'll post the latest news, information, and links to your favorite cycling sites!

The Blade - Letter to the Editor (11/19/10)

Bicycling much better than driving
For cyclists, the inauguration of a trail crossing the Maumee River using the old Craig Bridge and linking the north side and the east side of Toledo is certainly an exciting and welcome development (“Cyclists, joggers replace cars on old I-280 segment,” Nov. 14).

Our community deserves credit for creatively using abandoned rail lines, retired highways, and surplus property to create bike and pedestrian trails.

We need to recognize that cycling can be much more than recreation. In many big cities, bicycles now provide primary transportation for people and businesses.

Bikes are inexpensive and energy efficient. With dedicated routes, they are a reasonably safe alternative to automobiles.

By linking existing trails and our educational, health-care, and commercial centers and adopting bike-friendly traffic policies, the Toledo area has the potential to become a greener and healthier community.

Thomas J. McArdle

Help promote cycling in NW Ohio!

We need support from the cycling community to build more bike paths, lanes, and trails in NW Ohio.  Toledo has fallen behind cities like Dayton, Columbus, & Chicago with regards to bicycle infrastructure.

The cycling community needs to make its voice heard to rally the community and get government leaders to allocate money for bike paths/lanes/trails.

Contact Your Local Representative!  Visit this page (Elected Officials) for email addresses of local government representatives.  Send them an email politely asking them to allocate money for more bike trails.

See how Congressman Earl Blumenauer is advocating cycling as a remedy for everything from climate change to obesity.  He represents most of Portland and is the founder of the 180 (plus or minus)-member Congressional Bicycle Caucus.